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Photo Day

Bethel Baseball Photo Day

WHAT: Fall 2018 BBA Photo Day


WHEN: September 23rd & 30th


WHERE: Mitchell Park


Pre-order online and receive a FREE 8x10 photo calendar

website -

Steps to Order Online

  2. Click on "PRE-ORDER NOW" under the "ORDER PHOTOS" tab
  3. Type in passcode: BETHBBFC18
  4. Order the package you want
  5. Pay by using Visa, MasterCard or Discover
  6. Your FREE 8x10 calendar will be added to your card
  7. Print out the receipt to hand to the photographer on photo day

**If you cannot print please write your confirmation # down on a piece of paper to give to your photographer**


contact Bishop Photo


phone: 800-735-1258

Picture Day - Sunday, September 23rd - Mitchell Park

Time Team Team
9:15 AM Majors: Capri Pizza Reds (Henry) Majors Hollandia Nursery Pirates (Martin)
9:30 AM Prep: YMCA A's (Nordt) Prep: Quality Gem Orioles (Katkonic)
9:45 AM T-Ball: Dick's Sporting A's (Smith)
11:15 AM Majors: Fugazy Dodgers (Bandura)
11:30 AM Rookies: Addessi Nationals (Birmingham) Rookies: Famous Blue Jays (Wildman)

Picture Day - Sunday, September 30th - Mitchell Park

Time Team Team
9:15 AM Minors: Royal Choice Reds (Cole) Minors: Nelson Roofing Blue Jays (Fern)
9:30 AM T-Ball: Mike's Towing Tigers (Luchessi) T-Ball: Ingersoll Cardinals (Dibuono)
11:15 AM Minors: Hocon Gas Marlins (Burr) Minors: Quality Gem Indians (Mould)
11:30 AM Rookies: Nicky's Haircutters Padres (Beverly)